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Between Our Bodies and the World

Between Our Bodies and the World


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Clark continues her thorough exploration of how assembled objects can make meaning. BETWEEN OUR BODIES AND THE WORLD looks at the tactics individuals use to shape both public and personal identity. Like many of her earlier works, BETWEEN OUR BODIES AND THE WORLD pays particular attention to consumer artifacts. The commodification of identity in mass-produced, media-saturated goods is framed alongside the subversion of the mainstream that results when items are produced in marginal or irregular market systems or “poached” from their usual cultural contexts and reconfigured to meet the needs of actual people. BETWEEN OUR BODIES AND THE WORLD speaks Clark’s understanding of day-to-day activities such as shopping, dressing and eating as potential acts of resistance towards homogenizing cultural forces. The goal of this installation is to document and valorize the poetics of the personal.

1995 "Between Our Bodies and the World", Installation, Intermedia Arts Bee-Line Building, Minneapolis, MN

Proposal for Installation

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